ODYV French Art Deco Clock, Lady with Pheasant, Geometric Fan Design


  • A very rare ODYV French Art Deco clock. Geometric fan or sunburst form, with lady and pheasant sculpture. 

    The final glaze of this Art Deco clock from the Berlot Mussier factory has a slight transparent peach tint to it, which is over the dominant cream colour. It was a very popular colour for ODYV: I would guess that around 20% of the ODYV we have had for sale at Chateau Antiques is this colour. I hope the photos show this well.

    Find more information about ODYV – Its History and Prominence During the Art Deco Movement and more about our antique clocks for sale in our FAQ section.

    THIS ITEM IS RESERVED for one of our favourite customers. Sorry!

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