Müller Freres Luneville French Art Deco Chandelier. Jazz Age.



    With their mix of Art Deco motifs, the frosted pate de verre lampshades of this chandelier form part of Müller Freres 'Jazz Age' collection.  The style of this chandelier is very rare - possibly unique - certainly I have never seen another.  All four lampshades all being the same size is very very unusual indeed.

    The hammered and wrought iron body of the frame was made specifically for these shades, and is in the style (if not by), Edgar Brant.  The original wiring has been removed, the twisted fabric sheathed cable was beyond use and so this is ready to take whatever wiring and lamp-holders your country specifies.

    The colour of the glass is very hard to describe if you have never seen this kind in person.  It actually changes depending on what light source is hitting it, which I know is how everything we see is! but (and I have seen this before with Müller pieces, Degué pieces and SEVB pieces), the just-off-white glass can vary from slightly yellow to slightly green to slightly pink, depending on if it is in sunlight, fluorescent or incandescent light.  The pictures were taken using 5000k fluorescent lights and I would say give the glass a slightly yellow tone.

    A great and unusual 1920s French Art Deco Chandelier from one of the big names - Müller Freres, Lunevielle.

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