ODYV Black Panthers


  • The most sought-after of all the ODYV French Art Deco faience clocks, in great condition and in the very rarest of colours.
  • This black/gold combination works really well with the stepped structure of the clock and the powerful lines of each prowling panther picking up and reflecting the light, allowing the rest to disappear into the shadows.
  • In great condition (the tails are the fragile part, and I'm so happy they are undamaged here), the gold gilting is nicely worked and still very much present.
  • Signed ODYV mark to the base and all generally in very good order.
  • A rare ODYV collection piece, or one for Art Deco investors, you'll be very lucky to ever find another one of these—rare in any colour, but in black... I've only ever seen this one, and I handle more ODYV than anyone else I know in the trade. I'm very proud to have this one for sale.
  • If you've not already read it, you may enjoy our article 
  • ODYV – Its History and Prominence During the Art Deco Movement.

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