ODYV Art Deco Big Cat Sculpture


  • Powerful and beautifully portrayed, this ODYV French Art Deco study of a big cat (panther? tigress? lioness?) has many focal points—you'll not want to stop taking it in.  Whether it's the ripped muscular form, the heavyweight boxing glove-like paws or the sense of sure and steady movement that attracts you, you'll want to spend some time enjoying this masterpiece. I say "masterpiece" with some authority—at Chateau Antiques we handle more ODYV than just about anyone else, and I can say that this piece is one of Berlot & Mussiers' finest.
  • More on French Art Deco legends can be read in our article ODYV – Its History and Prominence During the Art Deco Movement.
  • In a delicious and smooth matt cream, with a very light crackle glaze (very rare, a matt craquelé glaze), and signed to the underside ODYV.

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