Thonet No. 9 chair (earliest version of b9, 209 and 6009) c1900, Authenticated by Thonet


  • One of the most sought after and recognisable Thonet models, this particular chair has been authenticated by Thonet themselves.

    A known favourite of architect and designer Le Corbusier who used this bentwood chair in many of his interior designs and of Poul Henningsel (Designer and architect) who summed the model up quire well when he said "This chair solves its task—to be a lightweight, comfortable armchair with a low backrest—with perfection. If an architect makes this chair five times as expensive, three times as heavy, half as comfortable and a quarter as beautiful, he can make a name for himself" in 1927

    I can have the seat of this re-canned for €90, but I have left it without a seat for now as I know some prefer to upholster the seat instead.

    It seems at sometime a stretcher was added at the bottom of the legs, this has since been removed.
  • The label is hanging in there and according to my friends at Thonet this, along with the stamp, dates this chair to between 1881 and 1922.

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