St Radegonde French Art Deco Deer Sculpture


  • The Sainte Radgonde, or St Radegonde, faience factory (at Sainte Radegonde-en-Touraine, near Tours in central France) specialised in this air-sprayed paint effect in the French Art Deco period. It helps give depth to the statues and sculptures it was manufacturing, which were sculpted by a number of Art Deco artists—Charles Lemancea being the most famous. You can read more about The Animal Kingdom of Charles Lemanceau in our article.
  • This deer leaping over stylised grass is signed 'St Radegonde' to the base, incised with a 'J' twice, and is in great condition.
  • I don't think an Art Deco interior could be complete without a leaping deer somewhere. It was the motif for the Expo in Paris in 1925, which is considered the most important event of the entire Art Deco period.
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