French Art Deco sculpture by POLBERT


  • Known to have originally been on sale in 3 colours, this blue version is particularly vibrant as it is achieved by first finishing in white, before a blue glaze was added after. This effect gives depth and vibrance to this classic French Art Deco sculpture by POLBERT. More frequently offered on sale in white or red, this is undoubtably a grand and impressive piece at around 40 cm (or over 15") tall.
  • Polbert didn't put his name to many French faience sculptures, and the few he did are well known, making him very collectable and a sound investment.  
  • You'll see the folds of the dress of this young lady are made with particularly deep detail, creating great shadows and depth to the sculpture.
  • In great condition—a slight nibble to the plinth, but that's all there is to note.
  • Part of the Chateau Antiques sculptures collection, contact for more information or photos.

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