Pernod Fils Ashtray


  • Original Absinthe era ashtray. Up until 1915, absinthe was not only legal in France but also incredibly popular. Market leaders, Pernod Fils (Pernod and Sons) started their production way back in the late 1700s.  
  • The absinthe of the pre-1915 ban was a potent mix of alcohol and, more importantly, extract of potent hallucinogenic herb WORMWOOD.
  • Eventually banned to protect the public, this promotional ashtray beautifully uses the translucent, cloudy, green colour associated with the legendary drink so popular in the Art Nouveau era.
  • After the ban, Pernod turned their attention to what we know as the liquorice flavoured spirit we know today, but this antique ashtray reminds us of their origins and a different time when not only strong, hallucinogenic drugs were openly on sale, but smoking tobacco was also prescribed by doctors as a medicine.
  • Marked 'Made in France Depose 4602', part of the Smokabilia collection.

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