ODYV Wild Horses sculpture by Lemone


  • This is the largest of the ODYV sculptures by Lemone and manufactured by ODYV.  Here, in my favourite ODYV colour which is like custard with a light raspberry coulis over the top.
  • It is sometimes speculated that Lemone was a pseudonym of French art deco sculptor; Charles Lemanceau.  I do not currently believe that, although in the past I have thought it could be true.  Charles Lemanceau used his own name in the French art deco period, but with different styles for different manufacturers, and Lemone is a fairly common French surname so I think it probable that Lemone was an art deco artist in their own right.
  • Measuring 52 cms (22") wide and weighing a significant 4.7 kilos, this weighs almost as much as a herd of real horse and will be about as difficult to pack for shipping - but don't worry - we are expert statue whisperers and packers.
  • Rather sweetly, one of the wild horses has been a little too wild and suffered a little damage to one ear.  I have left this un-repaired, I can make enquiries undertake this repair if you like.
  • More on French Art Deco legends can be read in our Chateau Antiques article ODYV – Its History and Prominence During the Art Deco Movement.

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