ODYV French Art Deco Clock, Lady with Goat


  • A wonderfully-French Art Deco flapper girl taking some time out from being rebellious in the roaring 20s to feed a little goat.
  • The final glaze of this Art Deco clock from the Berlot Mussier factory has a slight transparent peach tint to it, which is over the dominant cream colour. It was a very popular colour for ODYV: I would guess that around 20% of the ODYV we have had for sale at Chateau Antiques is this colour. I hope the photos show this well.
  • If it were not for this tinted glaze, you might not notice the damage to the goat's tail, which has been rebuilt quite well. I know this form of clock very well and I can say the new tail is true to the original shape. The base has a clear ODYV signature and also mark '30'.
  • Find more information about ODYV – Its History and Prominence During the Art Deco Movement and more about our antique clocks for sale in our FAQ section.

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