ODYV French Art Deco Clock, Cream & Gold Slender Naked Flapper Girl


  • Are looking for something which sums up the feeling of the French Art Deco Period? This beautifully asymmetric clock from ODYV could well be what you were searching for.

    A flapper girl with a bob haircut - the epitome of the newly found freedom women experienced in the era - draped in flowing silk, playfully being removed by a cheeky fox.

    Her long, slender legs being exposed was rebellious enough for the time, and with the gold, gilded silk draped only just covering her naked body, in the 1920s this would have turned quite a few heads, as it will in your home.

    You'll see how well the gold is preserved on this clock, it's a pleasure to handle one in such good condition which will seriously add to the resale value if you choose to cash it in in a few years time.

    Period French Art Deco items are swiftly rising in value as we head to the centenary (you can read more about that in our blog article Investing in Art Deco: 3 Reasons to be prepared for the ‘20s. For pleasure or investment, this is the only ODYV piece of this style I have seen in the past 10 or so years. If you like it, grab it, there is only one for sale.

    More information about ODYV in the French Art Deco period can be found in our article ODYV – Its History and Prominence During the Art Deco Movement.

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