ODYV French Art Deco CHARIOT clock garniture set, complete.


  • ODYV, the brand name of French Art Deco sculptors and ceramic artists Berlot & Mussier, who were French art deco masters and here is a clock garniture set which is considered to be one of their most important master-pieces.  

    Chariot clocks date back to the 1600s and have exist in many forms since then.  Here we have the French art deco version in a beautiful cyan and fade silver.

    I love the way the charging horses are kicking up waves and this is mirrored in the pair of vases.

    The stylised manes of the horses give real weight and a sense of power to them, no wonder the gladiator driver is leaning back and holding on.  I think this piece has a real sense of captured motion.

    Complete garniture set with the architectural side vases,  signed ODYV to the base and all 3 pieces numbered 55.  The 8 day clock movement needs a clean, I have not entered further into it than that, but this is the only garniture of this style I have ever seen complete with the original movement still in it.

    More information about ODYV can be found in our article ODYV – Its History and Prominence During the Art Deco Movement.


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