ODYV Art Deco Clock Garniture, Cobalt Blue, with Lady and Pheasant


  • ODYV, the brand name of French Art Deco sculptors and ceramic artists Berlot & Mussier, used this deep cobalt blue often—and to very good effect. Highlighted here with a faded gold gilding, the Art Deco sculpture of lady and pheasant is a very popular, period subject and appears in not only their work but also in that of Molins Balleste and Charles Lemanceau to name but two.

    Complete garniture set with the architectural side pieces ('cassoulets', as they are sometimes called) and signed ODYV to the base, numbered 24 and a very, very rare hand-signed B under the glaze from Berlot herself.

    More information about ODYV can be found in our article ODYV – Its History and Prominence During the Art Deco Movement.

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