Noverdy Chandelier / Sconce. French Art Deco c1920s, signed. (Pinecones)


  • Classic Jean Noverdy French Art Deco Chandelier, which can also be wall hung as a sconce.  Noverdy Art Deco lights are of high quality and this pinecone motif is one of the rarer ones.  The finish of the clear, white pâte de verre almost glows silver.


    These French Art Deco pâte de verre bowl or vasque chandeliers / sconces (wall lights) were most frequently hung with twisted cords with early, crude wiring encased within them.

    This wiring was far beyond modern standards in terms of safety and rusted away damaging the cords as it did. We have replaced the hanging cords and now the electricity is supplied by safe wiring, in-keeping with the style of the art deco period and inline with modern safety standards.

    We can supply these chandeliers or sconces with any bulb holder you like, bayonet or screw fitting, and the wiring is suitable for either 110, 220 or 240 volts. They can wither be hung from the ceiling as a chandelier with the supplied fixing hook and 3 cords, or wall hung as a sconce using two cords. Whether lit and when not, hanging provides a stunning piece of French Art Deco art which look amazing in any interior design scheme.


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