JEAN French Art Deco Panther statue


  • This majestic, prowling, black panther was inspired by Rudjard Kiplings Bagheera in The Jungle Book stories.  The original illustrations were by John Lockwood Kipling, the author's father.  Originally published in the 1890s, the 1920s art deco era saw a surge of interests in all things exotic as travel possibilities increased, with many considering far-off lands reachable for the first time.  Panthers were some of the most popular subjects for artists at the time, very typically 'French Art Deco'.  
  • I've included a shot of one of the J L Kipling illustrations in the photos for information, which I hope you find interesting.
  • Nothing much is known of sculptor 'JEAN', although Jean was most probably a pseudonym of LEJAN (see my other art deco items for sale), as many artists of the time used pseudonyms when working for different manufacturers.
  • In great condition, there is a tiny flea bite to corner near the 'JEAN' signature, and an odd mark on its back which looks like a chip but seems to be under the final glaze.
  • This period French art deco sculpture is documented in a couple of books which makes it sought after and is rarely on the open market - and, beautiful.

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