French Art Nouveau Clock / Lady Sculpture c1900 by T. Flora


  • I can't make my mind up what I like most about this French Art Nouveau clock.  The flowing organic lines to the base, the hand painted enamel clock face, or the way the female subject of the sculpture seems to be creeping up adding herself to the composition (clock-bombing?).

    "L'Heure S'Envolve" or "Time Flies", by Flora

    The quality of this piece is second to none, the mechanism is the F Marti 1889 medal winning one which has been well maintained and works perfectly as far as I can tell.  The original bell, pendulum weight and key are all present, as is the bevelled glass crystal.

    The artist "Flora" or T. Flora has not left a great deal of information behind.  There are only a couple of known sculptures other than this clock; all Art Nouveau and all featuring ladies. 

    I think I have made my mind up - it's the clock face, the painted tulips are so beautifully done and rest quite understated in the flows of this large piece.

    I'd love to hear what you like most about it if you'd like to share?

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