French Art Deco TEDD Lamp


  • One of the addictively collectable TEDD range of French Art Deco sculptures and lamps.
  • This would have originally been sold as a bedside lamp. The completely original glass lampshade is in place (this mottled glass, 'verre de Clichy', was made in Clichy, just north of Paris, at the beginning of the 20th century and is highly collectable in its own right), as is the original wiring and Bakelite 'zeppelin' switch.
  • It's a real treat to find all these original elements in place; often they are split up and sold individually.
  • I can possibly arrange re-wiring for this, if you'd like.
  • All in good condition, the cherry-on-top being the signed and beautifully finished TEDD fawn art deco sculpture, with cold-painted stylised grass making the bronze finish seen to shine even brighter.
  • Heavy, solid, bi-colour marble base. Will this be the start, or an addition to an existing TEDD collection?

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