French Art Deco sculpture - Diana the huntress by URIANO


  • As well as having great detailing, this French art deco sculpture also casts a great silhouette of 'Diana the Huntress'.
  • A popular subject of art deco sculptors, here URIANO has used his model's slender feminine figure to very good effect, her outstretched arm giving her balance and emphasising her focus on her unknown quarry.
  • Her short black dress is nicely detailed with folds and clings to her in an acceptable way for the 1920s.
  • The black marble base provides just enough of sheen above the vegetation-like green marble to the front of the base to let us know it is there without taking the eye away from Diana herself. 
  • Signed to the base and in authentic, unrestored condition.  We carefully pack and ship worldwide, with Chateau Antiques world-class customer service.

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