French Art Deco Sculpture by P. Deric


  • You'll be one of the few fortunate investors to own a P. Deric pieces, as very few are known and they rarely come up for sale. Dedicating his focus to a very specific subject, this highly sought-after French Art Deco sculptor captures the power and the precision of this diving seabird with a sense of movement that no-one else seemed to achieve quite as well.

    The unpredictable crashing curl of the wave gives context—and clever structure—to this piece, in a verdigris sea-green, contrasting with the marksman-focused bird firing in, determined. You'll be captivated; one fears that both might disappear if you take your eyes off them.

    The portoro marble base is a treat, a real anchoring to the French Art Deco period and has the P. Deric signature. There is a slight discolouration which can be seen in the photos and the slightest of nibbles. I prefer to keep the base in its original condition as its authenticity adds to the beauty. 

    You'll see that the underside has had its paper foot cut to expose the original 1920s French bolts holding the piece in place. I'm unsure if this was to check the authenticity or simply to tighten them. Everything is in order.

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