French Art Deco Polar Bear sculpture. DAX


  • This French Art Deco polar bear is an icon of the period, is in great condition and would look good in any Art Deco interior (possibly not on a mantlepiece over a working fireplace, but that's just my opinion).
  • In the 1920s, the chance of world travel was becoming a real possibility for many for the first time. Before then it was the privileged few who may have had the possibility of visiting far-off lands, but with the advent of cruise ships and airline travel, exotic lands were coming closer to all. This was reflected in the subjects of art that were entering into people's homes—and polar bears, leaping gazelles, elephants and all kinds of exotic animals were entering into the dreams of many.
  • The artist DAX is a bit of a mystery. Certainly a pseudonym, and probably that of Edouard Cazaux, an artist born near the French town of Dax and whose real name contains the right letters in the right order—a tactic employed by many artists of the Art Deco era.
  • More information about the French Art Deco period can be read in our Chateau Antiques article, Art Deco – Bringing Artistic Inspiration to the Homes of Many. (And for our UK customers, yes, I'm thinking of mints, too.)

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