French Art Deco Knife Rests, Glass Scottie Dog


  • Scottie dogs were a prominent motif of the French Art Deco period, mostly thanks to a cartoonist artist, Pol Rab, who drew tales of two Scottish terriers 'Ric et Rac' at that time.

    This set of 6 glass Scotties (or 'Scottish', as the French say) were all hand-made, in France, c.1920.

    So often separated, broken or lost, this set was kept in good condition by the former owner, who sold me their entire knife rest collection of some 50 sets. Some have been sold; some are yet to be offered for sale. There are some very minor nibbles to the extremities of the tails, ears or feet as can be seen (if you look really hard! Really hard!), but the fact that you have a full set completely negates any minor issues like this.

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