Charles Lemanceau French Art Deco Doves sculpture


  • This is a very rare and important study by Charles Lemanceau.  Some of his most sought after pieces, notably these doves and his polar bears, are painted with tones of grey and this 'wax drip' glaze.  
  • I think this glaze can be best seen in the photo showing the Ch Lemanceau signature.  ODYV also used a similar technique in the art deco period, but I think that this one of the very best examples of it I have ever seen.
  • The grey tones also add definition and depth to this art deco sculpture, and the stylised foliage to the base provides a great platform to show this off.
  • Sadly there is a little damage to note.  A couple of chips to the glaze, and to the underside you will see a chip missing to one of the corners.  This is reflected in the price.  If it wasn't for these, this piece would fetch significantly more that the price I am giving it to you for.  I can get quotes for this specialist repair, I have someone locally for this, please let me know if you'd like me to undertake it for you.

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