Charles Catteau Boch Freres Keramis Art Deco Vase D745 F894 c.1924


  • Huge, signed Charles Catteau Art Deco vase in 'crackled enamels-on-earthenware'. I have a record that design D745 dates from 1924, the year before the Paris exposition that officially started the Art Deco era. It is recorded as 'polychrome design with stylised gourd-fruit, leaves twigs and ribbons', which I don't think could be more accurate.

    Hand-painted and truly impressive, the vase is form F894 and was incredibly daring for the age. Such a ball-shaped vase was far from conventional. But as we know, Charles Catteau pushed many boundaries and lead the Art Deco movement.

    Marked to the base with the Boch Freres Keramis stamp, impressed with the F894 mark and hand0signed with the D745 number and 'ct', Charles Catteau's short signature.

    There is a micro fissure to the glaze only to the inside of the neck. It can't be felt and is common on such a vase, as the glaze cooling is controlled to allow the crackling to the outside.

    More information can be read in our article Art For All - Charles Catteau's Influence on Boch Freres Keramis and the Art Deco Movement.

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