Charles Catteau Art Deco Cache Pot, Boch Freres Keramis, D1847, F242 /3


  • Monumental cache-pot, hand painted, and the largest version Boch Freres made.

    This is a stunning example of a matt enamel-on-earthenware Art Deco piece and was painted in the 'atelier de fantasie' workshop at the Boch Freres Keramis factory in 1934.

    The hand-painted floral design is one by Charles Catteau (D1847) and is known as 'Polychrome design with floral motifs', and is a collection piece.

    The monogram signature here is likely to be that of Jean Baptiste Delfant.

    I have photos of the cache-pot with the art deco vase of the same design we have for sale, you'll see the slight variation in the pale turquoise background colour between the vase and the cache-pot, highlighting thew hand-painted nature of these highly collectable, period art deco ceramics.  This would make a great investment; it is in great condition, signed, well painted and a rare & large form.

    More information can be read in our article Art For All - Charles Catteau's Influence on Boch Freres Keramis and the Art Deco Movement.


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