Benjamin Rabier Art Deco Cocktail sticks Duck and Snail


  • Starting his career in 1887, Benjamin Rabier is said to have been the father of all cartoon animals.
  • His most famous creations were 'la vache qui rit'—or 'laughing cow', for the cheese brand; and Gideon, the smiling duck, who we have here talking to a snail.
  • Cast in chromed metal, which seems to spill over the rosewood base, giving a real sense of movement to the piece—as if the duck is approaching the snail and moving through mud.
  • Cocktails were at their peak in the roaring Twenties and the Art Deco period, with prohibition in the USA driving people to speakeasies and the glitz and glamour here in France being celebrated in public.
  • Complete with 6 of the original picks which have a red Bakelite cherry on top, one can imagine being served (or indeed may still be served after clicking to add it to you basket) a 'cherry sour' and being offered one of these picks to help.
  • In good condition for an item of use of its age, a few misses to the chrome are shown in the photos.
  • Iconic of the times in both its function and design, these items are very collectable as there is a range of Benjamin Rabier cocktail sticks. This therefore makes a sound investment antique as well as a pleasure to have and use.

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