Series of Cuir de Cordoue panels c 1750


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    Dating to c 1750, these came to us from a local specialist dealing in antique religious items as he retired. There is one chapel in this area of France with an antependium panel of Cuir de Cordoue still in place, and the leather panel in that church was listed as a ‘monument historique en 1911’ The People kneeling before the altar would be directly in front of the splender of these gold leather panels when attending communion.

    The name 'Cuire de Courdoue' ( also known as 'cordwain' 'cordovan' or 'goudleer') comes from Cordoba in Spain where this technique of embossing, applying gold and  painting leather was originally practised in Europe having originated in North Africa.

    Having discussed this with industry experts who still make such panels today, these were of the highest quality when they were made, and the condition of the gold is testament to this - it is still incredibly brilliant today.  It is likely that they were made in Holland or Belgium, and  from their rococo style we can date them to c1750.

    The panels are currently pinned to simple white backgrounds with holes allowing the back of the leather to breath, and also to be seen from behind.  I find the rear of the leather of great beauty too, it shows the age and some repairs that have been made at some point in their history.

    4 of the panels are the same size and one is slightly smaller.  When you would like more information or photos, please email me at and I'll prepare the full information for you.


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